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From making to publishing in one app


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From making to publishing in one app

With a customized publishing service,

you can actually get your own books with professional quality

Booktraps' unique way of nurturing creativity is that children can communicate with parents, teachers, and friends by making picture books together.

Please help children express their imagination and creativity in BookTraps, which easily creates picture books by producing text and pictures at once in one application. Children's affection for their own picture books will be more special.

BookTraps can produce and publish even a single book.


The size of A5 (148 mm × 210 mm) is good for children to handle books, and the book can be produced with at least 8 pages and up to 16 pages.


Each book is carefully and safely delivered with a neat individual packaging system.


We use saddle stitch binding with excellent color representation and stretchability with high-quality Mont Blanc 240g papers. For the safety of children, we also send you safety stickers that can be attached to the saddle stitch.

Free of Charge

Making my own avatar
Producing of a real book
Sharing works

Children write their own books with their own characters

High expectations for receiving books that my child has written

Creative education and logic enhancement can be easily shared by children through text messages, e-mails, and SNS in web-based links

Integration of online and offline


The media for children should be different.

Children's imagination and creativity should be protected from harmful contents of everyday life. Especially stimulating media have no educational benefits. But the problem is that a healthy media could be boring.


Thank you for joining Booktraps as a wise choice. We study hard to make children learn with the fun of their own creation. Accordingly we want to be a educational and interesting media. Please encourage your children and their friends with BookTraps.

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Ratings & Reviews

My kid can make characters and there are image stickers as well. Anyway, a picture book is quickly made and also it is free.

5/5 Rating

I've used so many drawing apps before, but this is the easiest and most fun to use. Especially, I think this is more interesting because I can see various fairy tale books of children all over the world. The mini-book production function is so good too.

5/5 Rating

The caricature function is great! My child is too young to draw well, but I and my kid can make fun picture books with caricature stickers. I think I enjoy using this app and I took pleasure in posting books on Facebook and YouTube. I recommend it as the best app.

5/5 Rating

The number of users in U.S. and European countries is increasing rapidly every year.



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