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Do you have young children? Or know any between 4 and 12? If you do, you must have noticed how much they love to write and draw pictures. It’s the way they express themselves. And to really express themselves they need more than just a piece of paper.

But you can’t put all their artwork on the refrigerator. There’s just not enough space to store it all.

Now there’s a solution. Booktraps. It’s a program that helps children make their own books with their own stories. They are the authors. They tell their stories and come up with their own concepts. They develop their creativity and logical thinking. And they learn to collaborate with other kids by sharing and discussing their stories.

How does to work? Children make up their own characters based on themselves, friends or families. Then they print the stories at home and create mini-books. They can even be shared as e-books. The sharing can lead to even more creativity.

These young writers can grow up and become writers who change the world with their creative ideas. Give them a head start with Booktraps.

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